About Us - Meet The Team

CHARLES KUDLA - Founder/Producer/Editor/Pilot **Award Winning**

Charlie has always been fascinated with the art of film-making.  In fact, he started shooting and editing video at the tender age of 9.  His Father's VHS camcorder and Windows 95 computer were among the first tools he used to produce some of his early videos.  Inspired by the works of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Ridley Scott, and Walt Disney (among others), he enjoys watching and creating films and videos that bring people together.

In his early 20's, he was editing nationally and internationally televised infomercials and commercials for start-ups and Fortune 500 businesses. Some of his clients include Conair, Good Feet, Aston Martin, and Dremel.  Charles has written and directed several independent short films. He, one day, hopes to make a living making movies. 

RICK PRIEST - Co-founder/Economist

An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Priest formed his first real estate investment and development firm at the age of 18.  He later graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Miami (FL) and has gone on to operate numerous business ventures.  With a passion for progress and a willingness to excel, Mr. Priest embraces digital media as a way of bringing the world closer together. 

ZOYA POPOVA - Writer/Video Editor  **Emmy Award Winning Producer**

Storytelling has held an appeal for me since early childhood. Whether through reading books or watching movies, I always seized the opportunity to escape from a mundane and sheltered life into fascinating made-up worlds. As a child, storytelling was easy. I remember very vividly how plots, characters and images popped into my head effortlessly and unraveled into elaborate films.

On my way to becoming a filmmaker "for realz", I took a lot of detours. Those alternative life paths I almost followed have enriched my experience and hopefully made me into a better storyteller. They also made me realize there's nothing that compares to doing what you truly love. Today, when I write, shoot, or edit, I am still that kid creating a world of my own. I don't chase after fantastical plots anymore. I love making documentaries, narratives, and commercials all the same. Because no matter the subject, there is always a story to be told.

-Zoya Popova 

BETO CABRAL - Sound Designer

The relationship between sound and human emotion had always caught Beto's attention. From the adrenaline rush of percussion drums to the somber tones of a piano or violin, music and sound continues to mesmerize Beto. As a professional Sound Designer, he has worked on various films, TV shows, and video games. His eagerness to learn and explore new sounds has awarded him a strong reputation for delivering superior sound quality. Here is a link his website. www.drumwaves.com

MIKE PRIEST - Photographer

"Photography and creative media has been one of the most important parts of my life. It has let me express myself in areas where words fall short. I've been taking pictures on digital and disposable cameras since I was 7 years old. When I was young, I would use up the entire film cartridge on a Kodak disposable camera within a day of getting it. When I was 18, I finally bought my first DSLR Camera and haven't looked back. My goal as a photographer is to share the beauty of the world and the imagination that flows through my colleagues and myself. Life is about perspective and finding the right angle. Cheers." - M

ALFREDO SILVA - Actor/Stuntman

Alfredo is the funny guy in the group. His work has been featured in most of the DAMPT Production's short films. His first starring role was in, "Beyond John". A short about a man who struggles with alcoholism and self-doubt.

HAYLEE LINDSEY - Makeup Artist

Haylee loves makeup and is studying to become a professional Esthetician.